Earn To Die 2


Earn to die 2 is the new game which is exciting and fun game and it can be played during the spare time. It is good to be played by the children and adults regardless of their age.  You may play as a survivor of some zombie apocalypse or you can instruct the military that a current city is not safe to stay.


You need to travel to a new place and another city but you need to get a car that it is dependable so that you can reach there without any problem. You should upgrade and purchase the parts of the vehicle and then to run over the zombies in order to get more money and to reach to the end. You need to be sure that you have everything that it is needed.

Game Play

When you are able to continue to play, your hero will be able to go across desert in a safe way. You are now taking up a task of finding his way to nearby military base and it is rumored that the survivors had been able to make the camp.  However, the city is full of the undead zombies and the worse is that the trusty school bus is out of the gas and you need to make the way to the military base through locating new cars and moving the zombies down. The character has been able to move safely to the old destination but now he has to get the shelter and he knows that there is a safe haven which had been created by survivors.  When he enters in this city, the character found the map of someone who is yet to be a zombie in his hands. You can use a map so that you may find the right vehicle and so to move around the military base.  When you start to use your car, you are going to find out that the first car is not able to reach to the new base so it is important for you to find a new car as you continue.

earn to die2


When you complete every level of Earn to die 2, you are going to unlock new cars that you are going to use. The cars are three types, the first beginner car, the transportation bus and the police cruiser bus. To be able to unlock the police cruiser, you will need to complete the level 1. When you have already unlocked the police cruiser, you will be able to unlock the transportation bus after completing the level 2.  It can take some few days to be able to complete every level.

You have also to keep in your mind that if you perform the upgrades, they are not going to be used with the new car that you had unlocked so you have to buy the new parts from the scratch in order to upgrade to a new car yandere simulator.

When you continue to play, you will find out that there are some maps that you should complete so that you may reach to the refuge harbour, they are 3 maps but the new mobile version has over 8 maps.